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Logistic & support services

Alruwad is one of the leading companies in the field of support and logistical services. The company started since its first year The implementation of many projects and has proven its excellence in the implementation of the work assigned to it, which made it the position Great attention, interest and trust in the world of support services and logistical support, which made public companies Many projects are entrusted to the private sector with confidence and confidence.

Our company has been distinguished by its constant keenness to keep pace with progress and to use all that is new to complete projects in a modern way, in a manner that achieves the well-being of the client and guarantees his satisfaction, which is the goal that we always aspire to. Therefore, Al-Rowad developed its work systems to be the only one in the market in the way of work. Al-Rowad established its own technological systems in order to link all the elements of its work. Through technological means to organize the work accurately to reach the required customer comfort and to obtain the best performance in the advanced service

our vision

ALRUWAD always strives to achieve excellence by working in the field of support services and logistics to reach the highest quality throush our certifed labor in the implementation of the work assigned to them at the loweat and highest quality.

our values

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Commitment to provide a high level of services and products in accordance with quality standards Constant and continuous concern for customer satisfaction, and constant communication for business development We also firmly believe that the company's development process is linked to its human resources Keeping pace with development and globalization in all fields and keenness to keep pace with technology We encourage the company's employees to obtain the highest levels of training according to their qualifications